Saturday, March 15, 2014


UPDATE: Anna and I are going to share a tent, so that will reduce my weight for a week. I have also switched out a few things in this picture and I have added some others. You may want to take a look at my updated post "Gear List."
Ah, such neat little packages begging to jump in my bag, ready to go for an adventure. Hard to believe you can live out of a backpack with limited items for an extended period of time. I will have enough gear to be able to live on the trail for as long as I need to. Food supplies will come from various towns along the way. The only clothes I will have during this time will be two sets of clothing.I will be wearing the same thing day after day for the most part and have a second pair of clothing for camp. This doesn't leave much for decisions,  making life much easier and simple.

This isn't everything going into my bag but this was one of the first times I played around with some of my new gear eying up what I might pack, take and wear.

My pack a 48 Liter so I will be working to shove and stow what I can and minimize weight every way possible. Looks like Anna and I may be sharing the tent, if so that will drop each of our pack weights, I am super happy about that possibility. :)
From top left: Mountain Hardwear 0 degree Phantom down sleeping bag, Patagonia Down Sweater, Thermarest NeoAir Xlite, Sea to Summit dry sack (not going now), clothes for sleeping and hiking (two separate sets), Sawyer Mini Squeeze water filter, Patagonia nano puff, Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2, Paracord 50', MSR Pocket Rocket, GSI minimalist,  and Aquamira. I am undecided on water treatment but leaning toward Aquamira with cold temps I hear the squeeze freezes up. I can use that later in the spring summer on additional hikes and trips. 

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