Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trail food

What does one eat on the trail you might wonder, basically high calorie, high protein and high fat foods. Primarily things you would rarely or never eat in normal life. I am usually a bit of a health conscious girl but things change when you hike because hikers burn a significant amount of calories per day. The average is about 5,000 calories per day. I wont be out for quite that long so I am hoping I wont need to eat as much either.  However, I will pack enough just in case at least for the first few days. By then I should have a better feel for how and what I want on the trail. For now this will be my food...Mmmm yum right?!


  1. My favorite was Mac and cheese mixed with a tuna packet. If I was just leaving town I would bring the velveta with the "realish" cheese and would eat it that night too heavy to carry for long time

    1. OH now your talking, velveeta mac, oh so much better. I just tried my first Pasta Sides sans butter or milk, I found a bacon mixture. Not bad. EH.. good thing I will be super hungry. I am thinking I will be able to eat anything after this trip. :)

    2. I used olive oil to replace things like milk and butter. I put it in small plastic travel bottles the kind you use for carry on. It also makes cleaning your pots up afterward easier. Another hiker also tolld me it keeps you warmer longer if you eat it before bed with your dinner. Not sure how true that is. On another note you mentioned stuff that has multiple uses I got a lot if differnt uses out of my buff. I got a bad sun burn in my neck so I see it to protect me neck, wore it as a mask to stay warm or keep bugs out if my ears and mouth, a sweet band and a wrist band, filter my water, endlessly useful.

    3. AWESOME ideas on the buff and its extra uses thank you James, yes if you eat fats before bed it makes your metabolism have to work harder/longer thus heating you up a little more :)