Thursday, March 27, 2014

Two sleeps

Today was my last day of work before my first real vacation in a few years. I have taken two to three days off but never this many days unless it was for school. As you can imagine, I am very excited. I spent my evening washing my clothes for the trail, it will be the last time they probably smell this good. I switched some last minute gear selections and added a pillow to my gear list. It is so soft, definitely a luxury item and I am happy to have it because I don't usually sleep well with clothes stuffed under my head and after doing that for a year I am ready for an upgrade. 

Tomorrow I will be running errands, finalizing loose ends and putting MUSIC on the ipod my friend Mimi will be dropping to me tomorrow ;). It will be so nice to have my music to play while I am hiking or in camp, etc; and this will also allow me to do some videoing while I am out on a stickpic. I haven't found a way yet to put bideos on her from my phone, but hopefully I will be able to share them while I am still on the trail. 

I thought I would be more nervous, but fortunately the nerves seem to be fading and excitement is mostly what I am feeling. This will be a big adventure for me out of a few comfort zones for me. I will be meeting Sarah, Anna and Terry for the first time. This will be the longest ive been out on the trail or backpacking and the longest amount of miles I have done. Not to mention all the normal zones you cross just living in the woods. Some have asked will I stop at restaurants and are their hotels on the trail so I thought I would explain a little further. I will be living out of my backpack, I will be mostly sleeping in my tent or at shelters along the AT. Every few days there will be a town that we can access via hitchhiking or possibly by shuttle if available and we can get enough signal to call. At those stops we will restock on fuel, supplies, possibly do laundry and shower if it is available.  We may stay or visit a hostels and stay at a hotel if need be. When walking the trail you are forced to "go with the flow." You can set a small schedule, but it seems pretty impossible to truly say exactly where you will be in anymore than three/four days and even then it gets tricky. Therefore we arr not setting our plans in stone and we are going to decide as we go. We do know a few places we would like to visit. So hopefully we will get to those. I have sent ahead two mail drops just to help diversify my food choices and so I don't have to go into a town if I don't want to. This will resupply my food for me.

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  1. I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to follow more of your journey. A pillow is absolutely worth it. I liked to listen to books on my iPod on cold rainy days it helped the miles fly by. Your gonna have such a blast good luck and happy trails