Sunday, March 23, 2014

Water dilemas and choices

Ironically it is not clothing I am having the most difficulty with deciding what to leave behind, it is not going without make up or GASP, deodorant! I am quite ready to get down and dirty on the trail so to speak, but what I am having trouble with is leaving behind one water treatment source!!!

Seriously, why can't I just decide? Well, I love the ease of Aquamira.. a few drops of this and that in a cap and walla poor into your water container and boom you are set. BUT, Aquamira can't claim it kills Giardia, and Cryptosporidium, what is that you may or may not know, but just know they make both can make you very ill. Crypto is not as prevalant as far as I know, but Giardia is. As someone who runs a dog rescue I am all too familiar with how common this nasty bug is. After doing some research I read that it does in fact kill it but after 4 hours of treatment, but the claims are withheld during a patent  period.

My second choice is the Sawyer Squeeze Mini, it kills everything, but I like to drink a lot and like my water bladder. I am just not sure I will have the flow I want with the squeeze and I would need a attachment to use it with a water bladder or filter water into my bladder ( this I think would be all too time consuming and a lot of work ). Decisions decisions! What do you guys like? Has anyone had some experience with the Sawyer Mini and a water bladder?

Oh one more thing... reason I love my bladder is because I just can't reach water bottles in my side pockets and the ease of drinking and hiking is awesome. :)

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