Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weigh in

So I am pretty nervous about stuffing all my gear, food and water in my48 L pack. So today I decided to load up and get weighed in. I grabbed my pack, the food I bought and what I think will suit me for four days and took it down to the local trail store to weigh it and all of my gear. I am pushing this pack to its limits and have it bursting at the seems, see below. I over packed a bit to account for a few things coming in the mail still, plus some extra clothes. I basically want a "how bad" could it get estimate. You know the kind where I picture my arms falling off, my knees giving out and my body giving way like a tooth pick. Leaving me to lay on the trail like a (dirt) barbie doll that someone decided to pluck apart for fun. So ....33 pounds it is! I topped out at my max!

This is good news ....right? Well my knees are screaming already, so maybe not. I am not the strongest person in the world and my legs haven't seen the gym in a while. However, their is hope and the key word was "how bad" lets talk "how good."This means with some careful scrutiny and a personal shakedown as well as a long talk with my insecurities I should be able to drop a few lbs. I know I can get this baby down to 30, but now the mission is to get it to 27. That is 6 lbs. Almost all my food. Right now that weighs in at 5.5 lbs. This was a good test and the next step is to scale back and get creative. I will keep you posted and feel free to comment suggestion, plights and your experiences with falling apart literally on the trail due to weight as this may motivate me further. ;)
Bursting, literally at the seems

Beast of burden = ticket to FREEDOM


  1. This is so funny! It is like our spring diets to look good in our bikinis but instead it's a diet for our backpacks. I've been following you and it feels like you are me in an alternate universe. Things in common: maryland, long section hikes planned, a lot of the same equipment, we've hiked a lot of the same days but just miles apart. The day you were weighing your pack I was at REI College Park doing the same thing. Haha. We should talk. Email me at

    1. That is awesome BROOKE! I am always looking for more trail buddies!! :) Ha ha if only backpacking diets doubled and also made us look good in bikinis. :) I already feel guilty about eating this food. I hope my body handles it, I never buy this stuff. LOL

  2. Thanks... Now I have Rolling Stones 'Beast of Burden' singing along in my head.. Why do I feel that I may be singing that song to my pack the whole way??