Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 10- smiles & miles

12/13 mile day

I slept pretty great until 5:20 a.m. when I awoke to a variation of the third and fourth call in this video. Not only was it loud it was CLOSE, within a 100 yards. I was both terrified and thrilled. Part of me wanted to see them and the other part wanted them to stay away.

I said what was that, knowing that Fall and Oats heard it too, he said Coyote's. It was confirmed, no doubt we were in their territory. It was pretty exhilarating and I would definitely go back. I was shaking from both fear and excitement. I had to remind myself logically they would leave us alone. Then I realized if I wanted them not to come sniffy my tent I should make some noise so I turned on my Ipod and didn't hear them again. We were up to see the Sunrise by 6:45, gathered my sleeping bag, cameras and sit pad and we headed over to the rock face opening.

It doesn't get any better than this, in a sleeping bag, cuddle puddle on a mountain top in the middle of nowhere

“Climb up on some hill at sunrise. Everybody needs perspective once in a while, and you’ll find it there.”
Robb Sagendorph

WOW, the sunrise was more beautiful than sunset. If I find my video on my other card I will add it here. Keep in mind these sights are so much better in person than they can ever be on film. We sat sleeping bag over us on my sit pad perched against the rock on a steep cliff face with our food and drinks next to us. It was quite a show. We stayed about an hour before we headed back to camp to set up a fire and do some cooking.

Early a.m. fire to keep warm and cook by :)

Pirate face "just gotta wear shades"
Believe it or not the coals were still going here and I am cooking up some hot water for hot cocoa with coffee for us. YUM!

We ate some more, relaxed, had another fire before finally about 11 we decided to head north.Today was a big day for miles again, back to 12/13 all the way to Dicks Creek Gap. It was a great day, we stopped into the Tray Mountain Shelter on our way down the mountain, signed in to the log book and retrieved some water, why is water always so far from the trail usually. This put an extra mile on the books and more elevation. The views were plentiful along the ridges and a lot of straight up and down the mountains in between. In the pic above you can practically see where we went if you follow the ridge to behind me. The last 3 miles were the longest down hill yet, our elevations are growing so now getting down or going up is miles long, the knees let you know just how long it is. We met a German group today that we lovingly call "the Germans" to others in the bubble. Bennett, Chuck and Loveliss are from the town were they make gummy bears, my favorite on the trail snack. How appropriate. Bennett we met when he came up so ninja like behind us on the trail both Fall and Oats and I jumped. This guy makes the mountains look like nothing, he just flies with ease. We met Loveliss and Chuck at a resting spot taking in views and reacquainted with them at the Gap. We were lost as to how to get out of the Gap and do we go to town, I had a pick up at the Blueberry patch, this was another 3-4 miles down the road, :/ and Fall and Oats had one at the Top of Georgia Hostel, since it was getting late we went to Top of Georgia, but we couldn't figure out where it was, no signs were close to the trail. Cars were barreling down the gap but none were stopping. Hitching could be done but it was not a great place for it based on speeds and the small amount of time people had to see you and get over. We decided to start walking and if it were wrong we would turn around. We were in luck and chose the right way and found the Top of Georgia Hostel about 1/2 to 3/4 miles down. I was quite happy to immediately see Hot Spitz and the gang! I looked and saw Beef Jerky Pie, very happy to see everyone again I gave them all hugs and got a quick update before going to secure a tenting spot for the night.

It was a great night spent at the Top of Georgia Hostel, it was a full house, bunk house and tent sites were full, we had foot baths with marbles. It felt amazing. We had showers and even a couch to sit on and a dining room table and coffee and we could buy cokes and pizzas. What could be more perfect.
Peep show, Bennett (eating tow pizzas and Fall and Oats and Max

Remedy, Beef Jerky Pie (Too long) and Hot Spitz

My toe nails are dying, I have blisters and a large one on the back of my foot I will spare you by not enlarging this photo
Top of Georgia Hostel and just to the left of this picture was a small wedge of grass where we lined up at least 6/7 tents not to mention a full bunk house, thinking there were well over 20 of us here easily.
It is a new place just opened this year and not in the book. We loved it! We tented out front, it was loud because 18 wheelers fly down the road next to you, but just the same it was $10 and came with goodies. It was so nice to be back with so many hiking buddies. I love the comrade-re that develops out here. So good to catch up and see Remedy and Gatorade, talk to Hot Spitz and Beef Jerky Pie. I met some new hikers here, Down Dog, a yoga teacher and super nice person as well as some from the very first day at Springer.  I also think this is where I first met Nick.

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  1. Hey lady!!! So glad to hear you're so close!! My guy and I are at the budget inn in Haiawassee!! We're seeing back out tomorrow morning from unicoi Gap. Hope to meet you soon!!