Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 12

Muscrat shelter to Beech Gap -We didn't go as far as I wanted to go today, but considering scouts had taken over the next shelter and our group/fam was stopping here, this was by far a better choice.

Woke up today with the realization that my journey was coming to an end and this would most likely be my last full day on the trail and that I better take it all in. I picked up a stickpic in Hiawassee, it was one of my deliveries and I could use it with a case that I had gotten for an Ipod 4 (PS: hikers there is an attachment case to use an Ipod 5 in a hiker box at the Top of Georgia Hostel in Hiawasee, take it and order a stickpic and you are set guessing most dont know what it is). So I played around with it this a.m., Fall and Oats and Gator hung out eating and talking we were the last people in camp,this doesn't usually happen but we were just taking it easy today. We had some big miles planned but our legs were feeling so strong and we seemed to be gliding the last few days despite the difficulty. Our bodies were changing and we were just really noticing that we were getting much faster.

our camp site near Muskrat shelter

I was ready and wanted to get moving down the trail so I went ahead so I could play with videoing and my stickpic attachment without Fall and Oats waiting on me. I passed a Sobo seciton hiker and just enjoyed some of the scenery. Even though our elevation was 4400, we were not on the ridge so we were somewhat without views for a bit. I finally sat on a log and waited for Fall and Oats, no sign. I went on again and down a hillside and again waited and waited. Finally he showed up, apparently he forgot his poles and had to go back for them. Off we went. It was a good day, we were both feeling pretty good. He has had a cold and I had a little bit of a sore throat but nothing bad. I was feeling strong so I was happy. We did about 6 miles when we came down to a gap and I saw a lot of cars on this old Forestry Road, trying not to get my hopes up, I told myself it was day hikers, it is a Saturday after all. I then saw a boy scouts trailer and realized that was what it was, scouts weekend. Then I saw a big circle of people waving to my right, TRAIL MAGIC. I started crying, ha.. what! I never cry, but this made me cry,it was burgers, hotdogs, beer, water, cookies and OREOS, oh and bacon too. Yes, I know I should be more excited over Bacon but I wasn't just OREOS. There were easily 20 of us here enjoying trail magic given by Breeze and Windy from the class of 2013 Thru Hikers. It was a great time, Fall and Oats had four beers, ha ha I had one. I knew I would be passed out with any more. I had a hot dog and Oreos oh what joy. Everyone was enjoying and we quickly lost track of time.

Finally about 2:30 we headed onward with much of our hiker fam. Then was the tough climb up to Standing Indian Mountain in the 5,300 feet of elevation roughly. I was climbing and climbing and was going pretty fast and didn't need to stop. We were passing hikers left and right, what was going on? REALLY?! Oreos? No, legs! Finally, I have legs. I didn't have to stop once, no breaks no rest. Went all the way up tossed our packs off at the blue blaze trail head and headed for the views and an open patch of grass! OH it was GORGEOUS. Best views yet!!! I was elated. What an amazing day again! What a life! I am most certainly in love with the trail and its people.

Fall and Oats, DQ, Sam, Sweeps and Odyseus

On top of the Bald on Standing Indian, we enjoyed comradere and hanging out! It is great fun to enjoy these moments together! Video to come. :) See below


  1. Have really enjoyed your blog. Thought you were a thru hiker. Will miss this!

    1. Thanks Michael, no worries, I am on the trail often and always adventuring and doing trail magic, the adventures will continue.