Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 3 -

Trail Magic!!! :) Hikers brought in snack packs of goodies :)

Woke up at Gooch Shelter and slept a little better last night than the other nights despite a little snoring. I was happily much warmer with Fall and Oats sharing a tent. I made some oatmeal which seems to be my morning ritual so far as it seems to give me the right boost of energy. The only thing is that it takes me longer to break down camp then it does others. Between the two person tent and eating and my pack being jam packed. I am still playing with different ways to pack. It is still more roomy than it will be when PB Bags leaves and I have to carry all of the tent. I am dreading that a bit because of the additional space it takes up as well as the additional weight.  We set off for another beautiful day of hiking and are planning on stopping at Lance Creek shelter. Today, I mostly hiked with Peanut Butter Bags and Beef Jerky Pie or Jerky Pie as we are now calling her. Fall and Oats has made her a bit self conscious about her name so she is now just Jerky Pie. We  sang all the way into camp.It was again another warm day and we took a few breaks and I put my bandana in a small amount of dirty water that was running down some rocks onto the trail and found it still so warm that I decided why not, I will just sit in it. Ha, it worked and cooled me right down. Fall and Oats hiked off with Red Hawk and Blood Root after we all stopped for a break. On the way into camp we saw a large tree a Bear has very evidently been climbing and scratching, this was no small Bear based on where the claw marks were. The camp was full already so as we got in Red Hawk made a good suggestion to claim two small spots next to the trail while he checks for other locations further in camp. We literally we a walking small town, all meeting at the final camp each day. It made the journey quit fun to catch up with familiar faces and have dinner together and visit. We decided to keep the spots we chose as the rest of camp was pretty full.Jerky Pie and I set our tents up at the base of the hill and Red Hawk and Blood Root across from us. Fall and Oats and I ate and sat on his Hammock for a bit chit chatting while Blood Root, Red Hawk, Jerky Pie and Peanut Butter Bags hung out.
Here are the "Canadians!" We loved this family, great people from Ontario down to hike the entire length of the AT with their kids, Tenascious B, Otter and Padawa! We spent our first few days hiking and talking with them and enjoying nightly fires together. Here they are sitting with Fall and Oats as we all took a break at Woody Gap, there were about 20 of us resting here before moving on to Lance Creek to camp for the night.

Peanut Butter Bags, Jerky Pie (Too Long) and me (Brave)

We had a bit of trouble finding good bear bagging spots, seems that at most camps the good trees are all gone, used probably too often before leaving little for future bear baggers. We decided that the best tree was close to where a bear had been scratching, but far enough away from our tent so this made us happy. Lucky for us we had Red Hawk to help show us how to make a better attempt at Bear Bagging and after two tries he had it in the tree. Three food bags makes the line heavy so it was good to have an extra hand. My carabiner broke by this time but it was fine, not really needed.

After some star gazing and relaxing it was time for bed, no fire tonight, just dinner- hanging out with friends and bedtime. It took me a bit to fall a sleep and oddly this was the first spot I had a small amount of service, yet I was deep in the woods. I finally told my family I was alive and well.

Rest break

He is so cute and so happy, Everyone loves Mooch the Pooch

Trail angels that hiked in trail magic

Taking it all in

Steve and Mooch the Pooch (Charlie)

Trail family- Peanut Butter Bags, Beef Jerky Pie (Too Long), Wayward Son, Red Hawk, Blood Root, Fall and Oats and Mooch the Pooch

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