Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 5

We woke up early to break camp, Fall and Oats and I broke down the tent and we all were ready to leave by about 6:30 a.m., Jerky Pie wasn't feeling too well, but was trying to shake it, she had a upset stomach. As we started up the trail she said she couldn't do it and would need to stay. Red Hawk, Blood Root and Fall and Oats were pushing forward, I couldn't leave her alone not feeling well, so I quickly yelled to get my tent fly/tarp from Fall and Oats and stayed back at Neels Gap/ Mountain Crossings. We hoped to catch them later in the day. We sat so Jerky Pie could rest her stomach but to no avail, we decided to go to get a cabin from Blood Mtn Cabins and split it with some other hikers. It was $60 for a wonderful cabin that slept six, we were set! It was a beautiful place to stay. Jerky Pie was able to relax and take it easy for the day. Hot Spitz, Hitch, Remedy, Gatorade, Jerky Pie and I made ourselves at home rather quick in this cute little spot in the mountains with great views. We were happy to be zeroing as it was calling for thunderstorms so we thought it was at least better to be sick on a bad weather day then on a sunny day. Well we were wrong, the storms never came to the Mountains and remained in the valleys, but it didn't matter, we made it a great day regardless. Gatorade and Hot Spitz shared some Yoga poses with us and we all sat quietly stretching our sore legs and bodies while doing some meditation and breathing exercises. I highly recommend doing this every day you are out there the body screams for it.

Beef Jerky Pie, Remedy, Gatorade, Hot Spitz and I
Remedy and Gatorade
Then Hitch, who received his name this day and Remedy who also earned her name today set off to town to get groceries so we could grill out. Hot Spitz, Gatorade and I had a cuddle session as we like to call it, basically all jumping in bed for a nap while staring out the window looking at the clouds over the mountains and talking. You have to understand how things change when you live on the trail in these circumstances, you become family with those around you and you form bonds. We take care of each other day in and out a would pretty much do anything to help another out if needed. Where else can you get this kind of treatment from strangers. If only the world treated each other the way the hiking community treats one another. IT is a very beautiful thing.Then the massages came in, did I mention what a treat it is to hang out with these guys? They both are massage therapists, and each did massage on each other and then I was a lucky recipient of massage from both of them. Needless to say we were quite relaxed. We all passed out for a nap before Hitch and Remedy came back.  Jerky Pie was in the other bedroom and was able to get a nap in too.

Remedy and Hot Spitz put together an amazing meal while Hitch and Gatorade cooked and I cleaned up. What a team and man can I say those girls can cook and put together some mean side dishes not to mention burgers. It is amazing how good food is when you are living on the trail eating pop tarts, pasta and cliff bars every day. It was just what we all needed, not to mention a some beers to wash it all down with.

Remedy, she had the goodies to remedy any ailment or hunger and a spirit that lifted everyone's soul. That is how she finally received her trail name :)

It was off to bed not long after dinner listening to some music. It felt so good to enjoy a BED again. It didn't take long to fall a sleep this night.

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