Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 7 Part 2

so after moving a fire into the Blue Mountain Shelter, we just couldn't escape the smoke (I know) but we tried anyway and the winds were against us again and we literally smoked ourselves right out of the shelter. So I decided enough I was going to town and I had already booked a cabin for our group, I would most likely go there and call a shuttle at the road. In the meantime I got a text from Fall and Oats, he was practically hypothermic himself last night, soaked even though he had a tarp and a hammock, he left his camp and hiked back to Uniquoi Gap. The same Gap we were going to. When I got to the road he said he had a place I could stay with a Jacuzzi (SAY WHAT?), so I caught a ride with some other hikers, Brett, Adam and Marcus (from Germany). I told my friends I would catch up with them in the a.m. and they could grab the place I booked if they wanted it. I wanted to see how Fall and Oats was doing and catch up on how the rest of the group has been and put myself in that Jacuzzi as soon as possible.

At first I thought I may not get to ride with the other hikers as the former nobo who offered us a ride said only three, but the guys were nice enough to convince him to give me a ride. I was not about to hitch alone, so luckily they fit me in.

I grabbed their info in case we wanted to ride to the gap tomorrow together and learned that only Marcus would be leaving, he is a fast hiker. These Germans don't seem to mess around , they seem to just go and go (you'll understand this more later). I later texted the guys after talking with Fall and Oats that I wouldn't be leaving early in the a.m. for the trail again.

I got a shower, it felt great after getting so dirty in the mudd and rain, it was getting to the point now I couldn't get all the dirt out of my nails and always seemed to have dirt stuck to me somewhere. My feet were blistering, especially on my pinky toes after the 12 miles the other day. It wasn't so bad I couldn't walk though. Just something to watch.

We hung out and watched some tv ate some snacks and put our feet up and chatted. It was a good rest break. Later we decided to check out the town after we fell a sleep and took a three hour nap. Wow, I never nap. It felt amazing though. I am napping now more than ever, my body is demanding it. Now I understand last year why I always saw thrus napping mid day in the grass. The body dictates what it needs. Just listen to it and it will be kind.

We went out for a stroll and then found a place that serves food til late in a casual atmosphere, we walk in and there was Ashley, Corey and Buckaroo. It is always good to see familiar faces in a strange town. Most of the hotels were full of hikers sprinkled through out because of the storms. I heard Hiawassee we completely full before we even got off the mountain. Some friends had gone there, but I am glad we went to Helen. It is supposed to be a small german like town it is quite cute and quaint. The waitress was super sweet and we ordered right up. I had a shrimp po boy, yum and a beer. Ah, life is good. Warm, dry, food, good service, pretty walk along the river, it was another good day on the trail and off.  We walked back to the hotel and passed out quick despite the nap, it was late for hiker time, way passed hiker midnight which is technically 10, hikers head to bed when the sun goes down often around 8. Down with the sun and up with it. You are on the sun's schedule out here.

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