Friday, April 4, 2014

Amicola Falls State Park

Up and showered, breakfast and we were off to head to Springer when we received word that the winds were going to be 40/50 mph and that the shelters were full and people were going to be getting off the trail because it was going to be close to freezing or below with high winds. After a little shock we gave in and decided we would wait to start until tomorrow and go down to the Amicola Falls State Park weigh our bags and start up the trail and sign in to the log books.


 We met a few thru hikers and a very sweet family who prayed for our safe journeys. Among thru hikers we met November, he's from  California so we all hiked to the top of the falls and then on to the lodge. We invited November to stay with us and we have been calling our group the lost puppy pack, as Anna is temporarily "lost puppy." It was a great day, despite the winds. Back to the lodge for relaxing a great dinner and all set for the night. Tomorrow begins our hike to Springer.


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