Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 14 Franklin Part 1

I woke up and my arms and legs were covered with a few strewn out bug bites that had been pretty itchy since being on Sassafras Mountain. However, one was more than itchy it was forming a red circle around it and it seemed to be expanding. I was almost sure that it was a biting gnat that caused it and not a tick but it was certainly inflamed. I was excited to see some of our friends coming into the Budget via Ron Haven's pick up at 9 a.m. I saw DQ, Sweeps, Odysseus, Nick ( now Gulliver), Admiral Caboose, Sasquatch, Too Long, Remedy, Gatorade & Hot spitz. I was pretty happy to see every one. I was on the phone and learning that it was going to be another day before I could get out of town and not until tomorrow evening would I even be able to get to Asheville to pick up a car to head home. It looked like I was extending my journey a little longer, I am so sad. :)

In the interim Fall and Oats found out that our room was given away after they told me the day before they don't give away rooms until people check out. Oh well, we packed up and had offers from two fellow hikers who had rooms to stay with them so we weren't too worried. I needed to get over to Outdoor 76 to talk to Corey the owner in person just to make sure I was assured a shuttle ride to Asheville. So we packed up our things, went and hit the dollar general and I got a coffee from
Mc Donalds and we walked back in town to the Outdoor 76. Wow, what a FANTASTIC place. These were the nicest people on the trail without a doubt. They were also known as the foot specialists , so I bought some new kicks because I learned that my shoes were too small and hence why all the blisters and my toe issues. This place was awesome! While fixing your feet and giving you better shoes/insoles they served up cold CRAFT Beers. They had a special room with a bar and walls for the hikers to sign, a tv and restroom and a few tables with chairs and stools, I mean honestly I had my food bag, I was set and could easily stay here happily. Overnights allowed?! Almost everyone showed up or hung out or came in to see them. At one point there were five or six of us hikers sitting around one such specialist learning all about feet, hiking and how injuries occur. Many of us found this very helpful.

Checking in to pick up a parcel and get directions around town, Corey the owner helps out

Remedy signing the wall

Osirus "O" signing the wall

Taste testing the craft beers with Too Long (formerly,Beef Jerky Pie) and Remedy

Muscadine and Tang! Muscadine was eying up this shirt yesterday, he made it his today! You know a hiker likes something when they are willing to up their pack weight with it. :)RAWR RAWR!

 The staff took a look at my bite and said I should have it looked at and before I knew it I was off to have to urgent care on a free shuttle offered by staff. This place was so kind, they gave us several free Shuttles while I was there.

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