Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 14 Part 2

Urgent Care said I had a infected bug bite and I was having an allergic reaction to it, so off to walk to the Pharmacy to get my Rx filled. Inside I saw Easy Day, he was talking to a gentleman who worked their and was helping him with a knee issue. He told me he thru hiked in '79 and that his daughter thru hiked last year, her name was Megandangerpants. WHAT, I said I know her, well I follow her on Insta and we have chatted a few times about the trail. He calls her and I talk to her, how funny! He was super sweet and gave us a ride back to the hotel. TRAIL MAGIC,  again! SO much magic and small acts of kindness out here.

We get to the Budget Inn, Sasquatch and Admiral Caboose have graciously allowed us to stay with them and it is time to get cleaned up to go out with the gang. It is Karoake night! WHOOP WHOOP!

Tarheel '79

Tarheel's car, he made us sit for a pic :)

Sasquatch, Peep show ( can't remember others.. sorry guys, they are hikers I just met)

Right on Sweeps!

Gulliver, Firefox and Odysseus

Fall & Oats, Tiger Djin, Tang, Muscadine, Bennett, Gator, Chuck, Sweeps, Sasquatch, Gulliver, Admiral Caboose, Me

Chuck, DQ, Sweeps, Sasquatch, Admiral Caboose, Me, Fall & Oats, TIger Djin and Tang

Tang belting out Guns and Roses and gets a standing ovation and high fives after

Gulliver, Me, Tesla and Sasquatch

Tiger Djin, throws down some Billy Idol

Chewbacca had Johnny Cash for us

20+ hikers take over the local watering hole known as Mulligans for Karoake night. Some belted their hearts out and others cheered on. This was my last night with the gang and in town. It was celebration time. I bought a round of shots for the group we toasted and headed off to Mixers for some pool and more dancing, juke box music and shenanigans. We walked our selves home, bc this is what we do best and passed out. Needless to say the bonds have been growing and I am going to miss these crazy cats. :) They all rock and I can't wait to come back and hike and do trail magic.

XO and lots of cuddle puddles!


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